SIPTV - Upload Playlist

Setting up SIPTV

Step 1 Download siptv app (free for 7 days then 5.49 euros for life).

purchase/register the application at

Step 2 Write down your mac address.

*Send us the MAC address and we will upload the playlist for you*. Or alternatively, proceed to step 3)

Step 3 Go to

Step 4 Enter your MAC address;

Step 5 Enter your playlist (m3u url) into the bottom middle box.
This will look similar to the line below:

But will have your username and password where the XXXX's are. (this is the service username and password from your Activation email)

Or you can use our generator to create the URL for you;

Step 6 Pick the "I am not a robot box" and do caption if required.

Step 7 Choose "UK". Select "Save Online" and enable "list logos".

Step 8 Press 'Upload' and you should see a message saying 'URL added!'.

Step 9 Restart the app on the TV. (or press 0 on remote to reload app) You will see that all channels have now been uploaded to your TV.

NOTE: If you did NOT receive any channels, please go back to and enter your MAC Address on the last box
called "Delete Playlist".  
Click "Delete"  
Do security caption if required.  
After you have completed the delete, proceed back to step 4.

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