Hello Android users! Here are our recommended Apps for Android;

Stb Emulator

For newer Android version 5/6 boxes and TV's, we recommend STB Emulator as it has the best functionality, including Video on Demand (VOD) and 7 day catch-up.
Please see STB Emulator install guide in the knowledgebase for more info;

Another Popular App is Perfect Player

Please see Perfect Player install guide in the knowledgebase for more info.

Another Popular Solution is Smart IPTV

This is the same app as the one that is used on Smart TV's.

It can be downloaded from the play store.

Simply send us the Mac address from the menu of the app after installation and we can activate it remotely.

For older Android 4 boxes, Mobiles and Tablets, we recommend GSE IPTV 

See here for install guide;


For Kodi Users, see here for our Kodi add-on or PVR client install guide;

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